Hi there!

This is czakey's personal website, where you can find some informations about me and my work.

Later there will be more links to some of my projects. Stay tuned.

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whois czakey

My real name is Marcin Włodarczak, czakey is my nickname. Some know me more by that one. ;) Nice to meet you!

I'm independent IT security and network specialist, sound engineer at free time. I'm currently living in Wrocław, Poland.

What do I do

network & IT security

I work as network, storage, servers engineer/administrator and security specialist for several companies.

I'm dealing daily with Linux servers, virtualization platforms, automation tools, network devices, storage networks and all in between. I'm experienced with various technologies and vendors like Cisco, VMware, Veeam, IBM, HP, EMC, Dell, etc.

On demand I can provide references and recommendations for my previous projects. You may also want to take a look at my LinkedIN profile (bottom of this page, or just look for 'czakey' there).


audio czk snd logo

In my free time I'm working as sound engineer, mostly for non-profit and small gigs.

I own enough audio gear to run small to medium concert or festival. List here.

Lately I'm part of Sofar Wrocław team.

Under name of czakey sound or czakey's soundsystem (CZK SND) I did many small gigs and festivals all around, mostly in clubs in my city - Wrocław.


Say Hello.

If for some reason you want to contact me see LinkedIN link below. You can also try to find me on irc (IRCnet, libera, otfc).